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By Emily

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Blushed Tones + Army Green

Now that it is Spring, I am ready to introduce a little color into my wardrobe. I noticed some interesting yet understandable neutral color combinations on the runway during the SS16 presentations. Army green to golden olive hues were paired with blushed neutrals, peachy salmon and pastel pink.updated-army-runway-inspiration

Everyone should have army green and blushy neutral items in their wardrobe already, just be creative with the combination! If you do not have an army jacket yet, get one ASAP. The military trend is not going anywhere and this vintage topper has lasted me 3 years already!



Also, can I just say I love Banana Republic’s take on the o-ring handbag hardware that Chloé has made famous. I can’t quite afford a Chloé Faye bag yet –I’m just going to keep dreaming– but this Banana crossbody is really well made, super cute and goes with everything!


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