About Emily


Emily Tillery founded FashifyMe in July 2014 as a way to share her creativity, personal style and knowledge of the fashion industry. Working as a fashion designer by day in New York City, Emily is immersed in the latest runway and cultural trends and translates them into wearable contemporary garments.

Beyond offering readers a glimpse of her personal style, Emily also shares industry insights on fit and fabrication that she gained from her decade of experience as a designer. From her early days designing at a couture studio in Seattle to her time in Los Angeles working directly with local artisans, all of her experiences have contributed to her current aesthetic.

By chronicling her daily style, Emily hopes to motivate her readers to incorporate on-trend garments and accessories into their wardrobes. Always one to shop for a bargain, Emily guides her audience on how to combine low-cost alternatives to runway looks with classic closet staples  — proving that affordable and adorable aren’t exclusive.