Wear it Three Ways | Arcana ‘Marinus’ Buttondown

By Emily

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Everyone needs a versatile buttondown in their wardrobe. Arianna Reagan, designer of Arcana NYC, designed this buttondown to encourage the wearer to make it their own. Here are three ways that I styled the blouse throughout the day during our shoot in Chelsea.


Wear as a layering piece. Add a lace camisole underneath or a refined blazer or vest on top.


I love the high-low hemline of this blouse. Wear untucked, tucked in or half-tucked.


Check out this Tassel Action!


The tassel can also be used to cinch in the back waist of the shirt and create a beautiful drape.

Not only is this buttondown extremely versatile but it is made from “Peace Silk” where the fiber is extracted from cocoons after the silkworm emerges. Conventional silk is made by boiling the intact cocoons and killing the silk worms. Peace silk allows the silkworm to emerge from their cocoons to live out their full life cycle. The fabric is also organic and dyed without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes.

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