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#FashifyMeTravels x Mexico City

On a recent trip to Mexico City, I fell in love with the artistic and colorful neighborhoods of Coyoacán and San Angel. My husband and I spent an entire day exploring the museums and colorful markets in these two adjoining neighborhoods, and of course sampling an authentic taco (or two) wherever we could.

Our first stop was the Saturday art market at Plaza San Jacinto in San Angel. I spent about three hours searching for my favorite travel souvenir — jewelry! Since we live in a modestly sized New York City apartment, I love purchasing jewelry when I travel. It does not take up a lot of space and a unique jewelry piece is always a great conversation starter. 



After finishing at the market we took a short Uber ride to the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacán.

Two recommendations here — 1) Take Uber EVERYWHERE. We took about 5 rides throughout the day and all rides totaled about $30 USD. Uber is super cheap and no need to translate directions to the driver because of the GPS functionality. 2) Buy your ticket online for the Frida Museum. We purchased our tickets on our phone once we arrived at the Museum and were able to go right up to the entrance and skip the long queue.

Just a few hours at the Frida Museum helped shape my design perspective for the Spring-Summer 2016 Season. While exploring the Casa Azul, the blue house where Frida grew up, I was surrounded by her art, her tranquil garden courtyard and pieces from her wardrobe.

I hope to release my sketches and photos of the final garments that were inspired by my Central America trip soon, but they are not yet on the market! I drew inspiration from the traditional “Tehuana” style of dress that Frida wore.

My own outfit and wardrobe for the end of summer was inspired by Frida’s use of bold bright colors in her own wardrobe and the tropical surroundings in the garden at the Frida Kahlo house. Hover over the image below to shop the look.

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